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Artist Statement

Steven J. Simmons reflecting upon the Translucent Wave, 2018


I am a self taught visionary artist.  My 2D and 3D works reflect my obsessions with surfing, water, nature, light and energy.  My unique use of fiberglass in my surf-inspired works was originally sparked by the need to teach myself how to repair a sun-damaged surfboard several years ago.   I blend my fiberglass and resin techniques with repurposed materials such as steel, wire, and wood, resulting in a series of dynamic works that are translucent, tactile and highly reflective.   Most recently, I have been experimenting with sculpting figures with the wood of a cherry tree in my yard that needed to be cut down due to an insect infestation.  Finally, I believe in using my art to give back by regularly donating art work and funds to charitable causes and events.


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Steven J. Simmons

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