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Article Gallery in June, featuring several works by yours truly.

WOW!  What a month June was for yours truly, exhibit-wise.  So busy that I haven't updated my blog in a while.  So, here's what went down:


June 3rd - Opening night of 4 person show at Article Gallery (pictured above) in the Waterloo Arts District, featuring the works of Melodie Thompson, Matthew Merchant, Kristopher Petrenko and about 15 works from yours truly.


June 3rd - Readymade group show at Loren's Art Lounge, just a block away from Article Gallery, which included my piece entitled "Birth Of The Twinzies" (not shown).


June 18th - HYPERREAL Group Show at Canopy in Cleveland's Ohio City Neighborhood, which included my recent work entitled "30 CC's", pictured below (small blue-ish painting).

HYPERREAL Show at Canopy, June 18th


June 25th - Waterloo Arts Festival.  The biggest day of the year for the Waterloo Arts District, including live painting by Matthew Merchant, Melodie Thompson and Rachel Latina, shown below.  

Live painting at the Waterloo Arts Festival, June 25th

Many thanks to Canopy and the good people of the Waterloo Arts District and all attendees that viewed my work in June.


And one more ...

Fiddy Tree & The Gnarly Nine, from inside Article Gallery, June 25th.


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