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Blue Monkey

Yesterday's post was written during the super foggy morning hours.  A few hours later, the sun started to shine, which made me almost as happy as the monkey in this tiny painting.  


Here's his little story:


I bought a piece of surfing apparel online and the receipt contained a thank you note and a stamp (in black ink) of a smiling monkey.  This little dude was too cool to throw away or even recycle, so I cut his section out of the receipt (hence the invoice numbers visible in the sky), glued him to a refrigerator magnet and added some color to his world.  At less than 2 x 2 inches, this remains the smallest piece I have ever painted, yet probably the largest in terms of number of smiles produced.


Blue Monkey (a.k.a. Self Portrait)

Acrylic, ink and paper on refrigerator magnet

2 x 2


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