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(Pacific Ocean at dusk near Newport, Oregon)




I watch the tide recess,

shore growing wider,

footprints and castles,

umbrellas swallowed


by sky, bridging all

until darkness makes

the next step unsure,

splash of conjure.


I pretend I am in love

and the moon is my date.

We pass notes, order

wine, and when I


forget to tip, I am

reminded I have

nothing to lose:

I have stars, bodies


drawn to guide me

and this reach

of blessed beach

with its day erased.


- Leslie Anne Mcilroy



Blogger's note:  Special thank you to Leslie for giving me permission to post this.  Leslie is not only an award winning poet, she is also a friend and a fellow art lover.  You can learn more about Leslie and her work, including her latest book "Slag" which features the poem above, by clicking here:


I have chosen this poem to kick off the month of February, which for some is a time of happiness and for others is a time of longing.  Happy February to all, regardless of whether you are single or otherwise.

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