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Under this blanket lies the painting: "E3 Mothership", before embarking on a jouney to its new home in Orlando, Florida.

Jackson Pollock once stated that "the painting has a life of its own."  This is especially true in the case of the painting "E3 Mothership", which in its short life already has an interesting history, including the following:


- Painted in September, 2014

- My first commissioned work (thank you again Donna)

- At 60 x 48, this is the largest piece I have ever painted (studio wall excluded) barely fit in the large Jeep pictured above

- This painting was examined by a member of the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA - Cleveland) who provided consultation on an issue I had with the original layer of varnish (thanks ICA for helping me save this one!)

- Currently on its way to Orlando, Florida (special thanks to my surfing buddy Dayton for hauling it down)!

- The journey of the E3 Mothership continues ...


E3 Mothership


To view this painting in greater detail, click here:

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