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December 8, 2014


Today I switched away from godaddy and over to Artists Run Website which I hope will create a more user friendly experience for using my web site.


So, what's different, you ask?


- Fewer pics of paintings for easier navigation and more focus on recent works

- New web service includes a Blog ...please stay tuned for regular updates including sneak previews of works in progress, show information

- All photos have been moved to the Artist Info section

- Integrated online store.  There is no longer a need to access a separate online store for items that are available for sale.  Instead, the info bar for each image will either specify the online price OR the item will be marked as "NFS" which of course means "Not For Sale."


I am still in the process of making final tweaks to the re-designed site, so thanks in advance for your patience!


Special thanks to Eric at Aritst Run Website for all of his techical help and for his patience in general. 


my . artist run website