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Yours truly at YARDS Project, July 2020

Greetings.  I added a new page recently entitled "COVID19 Creations", featuring all of the art that I have made since the lockdown began in Ohio, around mid-March.  One of these pieces, "Flowsaic Translucent Wave", is currently on display in the "Art Made In The Shut Down" exhibit at YARDS gallery in Cleveland.  A few quick words about these pieces:


I made the Flowsaic Translucent Wave in my home studio in May.  When the lockdown started in March I began a stretch of making translucent hearts (approximately 20) using similar materials (wire, fiberglass, resin, acrylic and phosphorescent) as the wave piece.  I gifted most of the hearts to friends working in health care positions as a thank you for their bravery.  Two of these hearts were sold to friends at deep discounts for Mother’s Day gifts.  The largest heart that I made during this stretch, “World Heart”, hangs in my front window every night as a show of appreciation to health care workers that might be driving by.

After making so many hearts for others during lockdown, by early May I realized that I needed to make a piece just for me.  As a surf artist (among other things) the wave is a form I return to often.  When I finished this piece, I displayed it in my front window below the World Heart.  For many nights thereafter, I watched the sun set through these translucent pieces.  The shifting colors of the setting sun backlight the wave (and the heart) providing a dynamic evening display that resulted in many meditative moments of reflection and peace.  The light shining through my translucent works is a metaphor for the love and light that I wish to project to others.


You can view the images referenced above at this page:

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