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Selection of Recent Works Using Black Cherry Wood

Greetings.  Since my last blog post, I've spent most of my creative time working with wood from an insect ravaged cherry tree in my backyard that had to be cut down.  Most of this wood would have ended up in a fire pit if I did not set a few pieces aside after phase 1 of the tree cutting last year.  The entire tree is down now, and in phase 2 of the cutting I have salvaged as much wood as possible.  I am hoping to make furniture once it is properly cut by a professional sawmill.  In the meantime, I am having a lot of fun making hearts, peace signs, a wave, surfboards and even a few cherry cherries.  The only piece I am working on that did not come from this specific tree is the larger surfboard shown above, which comes from a piece that I purchased from a local sawmill.  Stay tuned for more cherry works in the near future.  You can see more photos of my cherry pieces at my new cherry page, which you can reach by clicking this link:


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