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Many thanks to Adam Jaenke (@so_jaenke) for stopping by my phosphorescent surf art exhibit at Satellite Gallery in Cleveland's Waterloo Arts District to take some high quality photos of my works glowing in the dark.  The show is up through August 4th, including the First Friday Walk Over Waterloo dates of Friday July 7th and Friday July 4th.   All photos below by Adam Jaenke.


Translucent Wave (with mini surfers)

Surfin' Santa riding Onda Azul De Fierro 

Repurposed Shortboard (detail)

Minis hanging from Banyan Brain (detail)

Corner of installation including Undercurrents (left), Fiberglass Menagerie Dome (center) and Flow Hack (right)

Huron Grass Glow mini and other minis hanging from Banyan Brain

Glassie And Her Funboard (glowin'!)

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