Wave Of The Whale Tail

Pictured above and below is my latest creation, a wave sculpture on canvas, entitled "Wave Of the Whale Tail".  This baby is finished, still working on the larger wave sculpture pictured in an earlier blog post.


Acrylic, fiberglass, gesson and foam on mini canvas




Wave Of The Whale Tail (alt view)


Pictured below is a progression of my sculpture on canvas entitled "Carve' Diem", from early stages to present.  Work in progress ...a ways to go but it's really flowin'.


Stage 1 - getting the "stuff" on the canvas

Stage 2 - a lot of carving followed by a lot of priming

Surfin' Santa checks out the new wave ...and he likes it.

Stage 3a - adding color.  First, the back of the wave.


Stage 3b - Color to the face of the wave, shot in natural light.

Stage 4:  glassing (to be continued)

Pictured above is the flyer for the Ohio City Masonic Arts Center's "Open Air" Exhibit on Friday, November 6th, which I am happy to be a part of. The image on the bottom half of the flyer is from my painting "Welter Skelter", which will be part of this show.

Disco Powered Mini Metal & Fiberglass Menagerie

Pictured above is my entry in the Kinetic Art Exhibit at the 2015 IngenuityFest in Cleveland, Ohio.  The hanging piece in the center is entitled "Disco Powered Mini Metal & Fiberglass Menagerie" which features over 20 hand painted, double-sided minis.  The piece behind the gridwall on the left is entitled "Neighborly Waves", one of two spinning, double-sided "Freak Flags" that had to be kept inside due to high winds. Pictured below is a detailed description along with a few addtional shots from the festival. 

Details, details!

View of downtown Cleveland from Pier 9 near our exhibit area.


Top View of the "Menagerie" at night, lit from below.

Sidewalk View Outside Canopy Collective in Ohio City


Have you ever wanted to check out a place but hesitated to go solely because you didn't know how to get there?  I have, and the photo above is a perfect example of what happens when you take a chance.  I finally decided to try out this cool breakfast place in Ohio City one morning earlier this month.  I drove past it several times before finally figuring out that it's right next door to a place that I am quite familiar with:  Canopy Collective, a gallery where a small collection of my works are on display. 


Pictured above is a view from the sidewalk outside of Canopy Collective: morning shadows cast across a cluster of my works (middle section of the wall), as well as a few minis on the desk to the left. On display at Canopy through the end of next month (November).

WIshing all a happy and peaceful International Peace Day.  This day deserves more hype!

The piece pictured above is acrylic and fiberglass on canvas, double sided (other side not shown).

Off The Grid Schematic

Pictured above is one of my newer works entitled Off The Grid Schematic, with a detail shot below.  In case you've ever wondered what the blueprint looked like for living off the grid you go.  ;)


Off The Grid Schematic

Acrylic, tempera, spray-paint and fiberglass on canvas




Off The Grid Schematic (detail)


I am delighted to share the news that my painting "Freak Flag #2015" is featured in the latest issue of Human Equity Through Art (HEArt), an online journal dedicated to using art, literature and music to promote social justice and raise awareness of discriminiation issues.  


What an honor ...thank you HEArt.




Freak Flag #2015

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