Time flies when you are so DAMN busy!  It happened in September, but still ..what an honor to appear as a guest artist on The DAMNCAST, especially if you look at the list of artists that have appeared on this show before me.  Thank you Acacia and Curtis for your love and support of the arts.


You can listen to the interview here:



Pictured below:  Acacia's photo collage of her visit to my home studio, including some quality time with my dog Reggie.

Steel and fiberglass butterfly metamorphosis, in progress, collaboration with Steel Sculptor Jerry Schmidt.  This and many more collaborative butterflies coming to IngeniutyFest Cleveland September, 2017.  Details to follow ...


Many thanks to Adam Jaenke (@so_jaenke) for stopping by my phosphorescent surf art exhibit at Satellite Gallery in Cleveland's Waterloo Arts District to take some high quality photos of my works glowing in the dark.  The show is up through August 4th, including the First Friday Walk Over Waterloo dates of Friday July 7th and Friday July 4th.   All photos below by Adam Jaenke.


Translucent Wave (with mini surfers)

Surfin' Santa riding Onda Azul De Fierro 

Repurposed Shortboard (detail)

Minis hanging from Banyan Brain (detail)

Corner of installation including Undercurrents (left), Fiberglass Menagerie Dome (center) and Flow Hack (right)

Huron Grass Glow mini and other minis hanging from Banyan Brain

Glassie And Her Funboard (glowin'!)

ArtResin Adventures, a film by Steven J. Simmons


The good folks at ArtResin asked me if I would do a "project" video in exchange for a free starter kit of ArtResin. Of course I said yes, but I found the concept of focusing on just one project a bit limiting, so here's my video of some select pieces created with ArtResin since late 2015, through as recently as this morning.  Enjoy!


And btw, if you want to order some of this artful nectar, reach out to my friends at and tell them I sent you ...enjoy the video!







Surfin' Santa, After Hours

A very special thanks to Erika at Canopy and Bill at Nalu Standup Paddle & Surf for their support.  Poster designed by Jordan Wong.

It’s been a little over three months since my last blog post.   Lately I have been measuring time by the works that I have created and the shows that I have participated in during a given stretch.  Specifically, since my last post in August:


  • Reworked and completed the Fiberglass Menagerie Dome
  • Repurposed a shortboard/surfboard (currently at Nalu SUP and Surf in Rocky River)
  • Created my first skateboard (for The Boardroom Show at e11even2 Gallery in Cleveland, January 2017)
  • Started a second skateboard (for The Boardroom Show)
  • Finished four new mini paintings (currently at Verite Glass in Oberlin)
  • Started a new fiberglass wave sculpture on canvas (for the Surfin CLE Show at Canopy in Cleveland, February 2017)
  • Started a second wave sculpture on canvas (for the DayGlo V show at Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, January 2017)
  • Started a series of miniature wood surfboards (Surfin CLE show)
  • Surface, Strata and Substance Exhibit (3 artists), Beachwood CCG
  • Tall Walls (Group Show), Canopy
  • Untitled Exhibit, Verite Glass, Oberlin
  • Planned and organized the Surfin CLE Show at Canopy in February

Pasted below are select pics of some of the pieces referenced above.  Enjoy!

Wave in Progress (1)

Wave in Progress (2) (featuring SurfinSanta)

Fiberglass Menagerie Dome

Repurposed Shortboard

New Mini (untitled)

A few of my works at the Surface, Strata and Substance Exhibit

Skateboard (1) (Vertical in Freezing Rain)

Skateboard 2 (Untitled, in progress)

Currently, three women that I know are battling breast cancer. Fortunately, the outlook for all of them is very positive, provided that they each go through their own painful treatment processes.  In their honor, I have created three minis with a special emphasis on the color pink, one for each, respectively, and respectfully.  


Pictured below:  Pink Alchemy (day and night views), This Little Pinky and That Little Pinky.

This Little Pinky (detail)

That Little Pinky (detail)


This Little Pinky and That Little Pinky (outdoor light)

Pink Alchemy (front, day view)


Pink Alchemy (back, day view)

Pink Alchemy (front, night view)


Pink Alchemy (back, night view)


Pink Alchemy (front, outdoor view reflecting tree)


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