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No Nukes (Just Fireflies)

Pictured above is one of several minis that I completed this month.  I painted this one specifically for a friend that is a bit ill.  The good news is that she is getting better!  

No Nukes (Just Fireflies)
Acrylic, tempera, sand and fiberglass on canvas

Today my work was featured on the Facebook page for 760+ Magazine. 760+ sponsored the Climate Change Exhibit at the S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, which included my work "Midnight Skate".


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Thanks to 760+ and Karen and the S.C.R.A.P. Gallery for their generous support of my work.

Blue Monkey

Yesterday's post was written during the super foggy morning hours.  A few hours later, the sun started to shine, which made me almost as happy as the monkey in this tiny painting.  


Here's his little story:


I bought a piece of surfing apparel online and the receipt contained a thank you note and a stamp (in black ink) of a smiling monkey.  This little dude was too cool to throw away or even recycle, so I cut his section out of the receipt (hence the invoice numbers visible in the sky), glued him to a refrigerator magnet and added some color to his world.  At less than 2 x 2 inches, this remains the smallest piece I have ever painted, yet probably the largest in terms of number of smiles produced.


Blue Monkey (a.k.a. Self Portrait)

Acrylic, ink and paper on refrigerator magnet

2 x 2


Gold Coast Circa 2223

Serious fog in the Great Lakes area today from the blessed rain that has arrived to assist with the thaw.  


For some reason that reminds me of the piece pictured above entitled "Gold Coast Circa 2223," which features a futuristic view of gold wind turbines perched atop a foggy coastal range of purple mountains.


Gold Coast Circa 2223

Acrylic, spray-paint and super heavy gesso on canvas



The Kairos Tree

Today's post is all about the time, and timing.  Yesterday we set our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time, an event which I personally find quite exhilarating because it marks the change from a Winter mentality to a Spring mentality.


The ancient Greeks had two concepts of time:  Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time, precise time, minutes, seconds, etc., while kairos refers more to timing, the right or opportune moment to act, or perhaps more accurately, the supreme moment.  This painting presents the concept of those supreme moments growing organically, from a tree of wisdom.  


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In honor of International Women's Day I am posting a mini that I painted in 2013 entitled "XDancers."   In this painting I see a group of women dancing, flowing freely and having a lot of fun in this abstract moment.  


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Here's to warmer days ahead!

Trading Sentences


Happy Monday ...Happy March!


Today's blog post is a mini-moment about a little piece that I painted last year.  "Trading Sentences", pictured above, is an attempt to capture the typical pattern of a two way conversation.  The liquid lines represent the flow of topics as they progress forward, change direction, relate to other subjects, loop back around and/or just go nowhwere.  


Just sayin ...


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